Table 2.

Summary of genome-wide responses of astrocytes to LpL, TGRL, or TGRL + LpL

TreatmentTotal No. of Genes AffectedUpregulatedDownregulated%Total Genes Affected
TGRL + LpL331254772.51
  • All data are based on over 13,000 genes reliably detected in astrocytes. The criterion for selection was (±) ≥2-fold change as detailed in materials and methods. Effects of lipoprotein lipase (LpL; 2 U/ml), triglyceride-rich lipoprotein (TGRL; 150 mg/dl), or TGRL + LpL on gene expression in normal human astrocytes (NHA) were obtained by comparing the entire list of genes from astrocytes grown in basal media. The number differentially expressed LpL, TGRL, or TGRL + LpL up (column 2)- or downregulated genes (column 3) are shown as the percentage of the total number of genes affected in the astrocytes (column 4).